Andersson Still in Charge

Apr 17, 2018

Willem Eilert raised to 1,100 and was called by Fredrik Andersson in the small blind and Milan Rabsz in the big blind. On a flop of Diamond 10Heart 6Club 3, action checked to Eilert and he continued for 1,550, only big stack Andersson called.

The remaining two players checked through the Club Q turn before Andersson’s bet of 1,350 on the Heart K river forced a fold.

In the very next hand Andersson made it 1,200 to go and called the shove of Jason Tompkins for 2,900 with the Club 8Club 6. Tompkins held Diamond KDiamond Q and had a lot of outs to dodge on a board of Diamond 10Club 4Heart 3Club 9Spade 10, but held up to double and avoid a re-entry.

One more hand later Steve O’Dwyer four-bet all in for 8,775 against Francois Billard’s three-bet to 2,600 and claimed the pot right there. The same table also features Felipe Ramos as well.

Fredrik Andersson – 135,000
Francois Billard – 68,000
Milan Rabsz – 45,000
Felipe Ramos – 33,000
Willem Eilert – 28,000
Steve O’Dwyer – 12,000

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