Andrew Ostapchenko Wins on the Flop

Jan 10, 2020

Andrew Ostapchenko limps under the gun, as does WPT Champions Club member Adam Weinraub from middle position.

Duey Duong completes from the small blind, and WPT Champions Club member Roger Teska raises to 1,200 from the big blind.

Ostapchenko responds by making it 3,300, and Weinraub calls while Duong folds. Teska calls and the flop lands Club 4Spade KHeart 2.

Ostapchenko continues with a bet of 3,500, and both Weinraub and Teska fold.

Andrew Ostapchenko – 78,000
Roger Teska – 36,700
Adam Weinraub – 12,500

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