Andrew Shack Has a Pair

Aug 27, 2014

Andrew Shack raises from midle position, Richard Munro calls in the small blind, and Jeremy Kottler calls from the big blind.

The flop comes [7d4h2c] and action checks to Shack, who bets 30,000. Munro thinks a bit before calling, then Kottler check-raises to 85,000. Shack wastes no time moving all-in for around 875,000.

Munro, who has around 840,000, thinks a while before folding.  Kottler smiles and quickly folds, telling Shack he has a pair.

Shack assures Kottler he has a pair too, then rakes in the pot.

Andrew Shack – 1,080,000 (90 bb)
Jeremy Kottler – 2,350,000 (196 bb)

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