Andrey Kotelnikov Hits Straight to Extend Lead

Aug 25, 2020

Stuart Guite raises min and Andrey Kotelnikov calls in the big blind. On the Spade 6Diamond JClub 9 flop, Guite has hit middle pair, top kicker with Spade ASpade 9, whilst Kotelnikov has hit an open-ended straight draw with Heart 8Club 7. He check-calls Guite’s 2.1 million continuation.

The Heart 5 turn is the gin card for Kotelnikov and he slow-plays, choosing to check-call the 5.4 million barrel. The Diamond 5 comes on the river and with 17.9 million in the pot, Guite decides enough is in the pot already and this time he checks it back. It is still a significant loss, allowing Kotelnikov to pull further ahead.

Andrey Kotelnikov – 69.2 million
Stuart Guite – 293.7 million

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