Andrey Kotelnikov Sets a Trap For Koray Aldemir

Nov 24, 2023

Andrey Kotelnikov Photo:  Andrey Kotelnikov

With around 7,000 in the pot on a flop of Diamond 5Heart 2Club 7, Aaron Mermelstein bets 2,500 from middle position and Andrey Kotelnikov calls in the big blind.

Koray Aldemir raises to 8,800 in early position and both Mermelstein and Kotelnikov stick around to see the Spade 5 turn. Aldemir then bets another 15,000 and Mermelstein folds.

Kotelnikov calls and the river is the Club 3. He checks and Aldemir pauses for a moment before checking back. Kotelnikov then shows Diamond 7Heart 7 for a full house and Aldemir mucks.

Andrey Kotelnikov- 130,000 (130 bb)
Koray Aldemir- 20,000 (20 bb)
Aaron Mermelstein- 40,000 (40 bb)

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