Andrey Shatilov Eliminated by Alexey Rybin

Sep 6, 2014

Andrey Shatilov Two, no nonsense Russian’s have collided and it’s Andrey Shatilov who was knocked over the rail.

We didn’t see the action, but Albert Daher described it to us.

Daher opened to 700 from the cutoff, Shatilov flatted on the button, and Rybin called in the big blind. The flop was [Jc] [3c] [2x], Rybin checked, Daher bet 1,500, Shatilov flatted, Rybin check-raised to 5,500, Daher folded, Shatilov moved all-in for approx. 10,000 and Rybin called.

Shatilov had [Jd] [9d], for top pair, and Rybin was chasing with [Qc] [Tc]. The club never arrived, but the queen did show up to give the reigning champion a higher pair.

Rybin ~ 40,000

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