Andrey Shatilov Eliminated in 3rd Place (€85,000)

Dec 21, 2013

Andrey Shatilov (Final Table)
Andrey Shatilov has just been eliminated in a hand that, barring a miraculous comeback, means that Julian Thomas will be crowned the bwin World Poker Tour Prague main event champion.

Thomas opens the button for 125,000, Shatilov moves all-in from the small blind for around 1,300,000; Vasili Firsau over-shoves and Thomas snap-calls.

A three way all-in and here are the showdown hands.


Thomas: [As] [Ad]
Firsau: [Js] [Jc]
Shatilov: [Qh] [Th]

What a time for Thomas to be dealt pocket aces!

The board runs out [9s] [3c] [2s] [4c] [9c], Shatilov is eliminated and after a count from the Tournament Director Vasili Firsau is left with just 530,000 chips, and is once again staring down the barrel of a second place finish in a WPT main event final table. Thomas is positively ecstatic.

Thomas ~ 8,650,000
Firsau ~ 530,000

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