Andy Frankenberger Drops Some, Gets Some Back

Aug 26, 2014

A player raises from middle position to 9,000, Ali Eslami calls from the cutoff, Matt Salsberg calls from the button, and Andy Frankenberger reraises from the small blind to 37,000.

The middle-position player folds, Eslami calls, and Salsberg folds.

The flop comes [Qc10d2c], Frankenberger bets 40,000, and Eslami folds. Frankenberger takes the pot.

Andy Frankenberger  –  215,000  (53 bb)
Ali Eslami  –  305,000  (76 bb)

This pot gave Frankenberger a bit of a rebound after losing the previous pot to Kristina Holst, who now has about 360,000.

Kristina Holst  –  360,000  (90 bb)

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