Andy Frankenberger Gets a Fold From Shankar Pillai

Jul 4, 2021

Andy Frankenberger

With about 3,000 in the pot and the board reading Spade JSpade 8Club 8, Rachel Dardon bets 900 from the small blind and Shankar Pillai raises to 2,800 from the big blind.

WPT Champions Club member Andy Frankenberger (pictured) reraises to 9,900 from middle position, Dardon folds and Pillai calls.

The turn is the Heart 10, Pillai checks, Frankenberger bets 30,000 and Pillai thinks for a little bit before he folds.

Andy Frankenberger – 57,000 (190 bb)
Shankar Pillai – 25,000 (83 bb)

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