Andy Frankenberger: "I Call This and Every Time You Want to Play a Big Pot Out of Position"

Jul 11, 2023

WPT Champions Club member Andy Frankenberger passed along a hand from last level.

Frankenberger raised from the button to 500, the player in the small blind reraised to 2,200, and Frankenberger quickly called, saying “I call this and every time you want to play a big pot out of position.”

The flop came X JX 8X 5 with two hearts, the small blind bet 1,200, and Frankenberger called.

The turn card was the X 5 (no heart), the small blind checked, Frankenberger bet 5,000, and the small blind called.

The river card was the Heart 9, the small blind checked, Frankenberger bet 10,000, and the small blind called with X AX J for two pair, jacks and fives. But Frankenberger turned over Heart 7Heart 4 to win the pot with a heart flush.

Andy Frankenberger  –  77,000  (385 bb)

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