Andy Philachack Eliminated by Ray Qartomy

Sep 16, 2014

Ray Qartomy
Andy Philachack raises from middle position to 5,000, Ray Qartomy (pictured above) reraises from the button to 20,000, and Philachack calls.

The flop comes [AsKs10h], Philachack checks, Qartomy bets 20,000, and Philachack check-raises to 70,000. Qartomy calls.

The turn card is the [2s], and Philachack moves all in for about 75,000. Qartomy quickly calls with [AdKd] for top two pair, and Philachack turns over [Ac10c] — a lower two pair.

The river card is the [Qs], and Qartomy wins the pot with his two pair, aces and kings, to eliminate Philachack from the tournament.

Ray Qartomy  –  535,000  (222 bb)
Andy Philachack  –  Eliminated

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