Andy Santiago Flies with the Birds

Feb 28, 2016

Andy Santiago
Two of the larger stacks in the tournament were just involved in a pre flop raising war. Andy Santiago raised to 55,000 and Patrick Martorella reraised to 255,000. Santiago made it 855,000 and Martorella moved all in for his last 1,100,000. Martorella made the call and the hands were shown.

Santiago: Club ADiamond A
Martorella: Diamond QSpade Q

Santiago is holding pocket rockets and finds himself in great shape against the queens of Martorella. The board runs out clean for Santiago Spade KDiamond 3Heart 4Diamond 5Club 7 and just like that our former chip leader is eliminated. Santiago is now playing over 2,100,000 and is now at the top of the chip counts.

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