Andy Spears Eliminated by Anthony Spinella

Feb 29, 2016

Anthony Spinella

Photo: Anthony Spinella

There is about 40,000 in the middle on the turn with the board reading Club QDiamond 5Club 4Club 5 and Andy Spears leads out for 24,000 out of the big blind and Anthony Spinella calls from the cutoff.

The river is the Diamond 3 and Spears moves all in for about 65,000. Spinella double checks his cards and quickly drops some chips in the middle to call. Spears tables Club 7Heart 5, good for trip fives, but Spinella wins the pot with Club AClub 6, giving him the nut flush.

Anthony Spinella  –  218,000  (72 bb)
Andy Spears  –  Eliminated

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