Anh Van Nguyen busts out in 15th place.

Apr 8, 2006

In middle position, Anh Van Nguyen bets 47k and /3542//Spiro Mitrokostas/ in the cut-off pushes ALL-IN. Nguyen thinks for a moment and calls.

Nguyen shows [QhQc]
Mitrokostas [AdAc]

Board comes [Kh9d5c4s5s] and Spiro’s pocket Aces holds up.

Spiro Mitrokostas gets the “Best Actor” Award for today as he put on a show right before he called. Spiro paused, looked at his chips, looked at Nguyen’s chips and pushed ALL-IN.

/X195//Anh Van Nguyen/ finishes in 15th place and takes home $45,927.

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