Anil Adiani Eliminated in Fifth Place (INR1,480,000)

Nov 13, 2017

Anil Adiani

Anil Adiani (pictured) moves all in preflop for 530,000 under the gun, and Manish Lakhotia calls to cover him on the big blind. Arjun Arora also calls after originally raises on the cutoff. The two live players check down a board dealt Spade KDiamond QClub 5Diamond 3Spade 10, and then all three players table their cards.

Lakhotia: Heart 5Heart 4
Arora: Spade AClub 7
Adiani: Diamond AHeart 3

Adiani is eliminated in fifth place, good for INR1,480,000, and Lakhotia wins the pot to grow his stack t 3.7 million.

Manish Lakhotia – 3,700,000 (bb)
Arjun Aroro – 5,200,000 (bb)
Anil Adiani – Eliminated in Fifth Place (INR1,480,000)

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