Ankush Mandavia Doubles Through Cary Katz

May 5, 2018

Tom Marchese opens to 6,000 from the button before Ankush Mandavia three-bets to 20,000 from the small blind.

With the action on Cary Katz in the big blind, he makes it 48,000 to go, and Marchese quickly folds. Mandavia thinks for awhile – eventually having to use one of his time extension buttons – before calling.

The flop lands Spade 6Club 9Heart K and Mandavia checks to Katz who bets 28,000. Mandavia calls, and when the turn lands the Diamond 10, Mandavia checks to Katz who announces he is all in for roughly 120,000. Mandavia instantly calls for his final 86,000, and the cards are revealed.

Mandavia: Spade 9Heart 9
Katz: Club ASpade A

With Mandavia in commanding shape to double, the dealer produced the Club 10 on the river to ensure his double to roughly 335,000 while Katz was left with just 35,000 in chips.

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