Ankush Mandavia Fills Up

Mar 7, 2016

There is 900 in the pot on the turn with the board reading Heart KClub 5Diamond 2Diamond J. Ankush Mandavia checks from under-the-gun and Curt Kohlberg bets 700 from the hijack and Nam Le calls from the cutoff. Mandavia check-raises to 3,100 and Kohlberg calls.

Le goes into the tank for a minute before calling as well and all three players see the Spade K fall on the river. Mandavia checks and Kohlberg checks as well. Le spends a few minutes in the tank before checking as well.

Mandavia shows Spade JClub J, giving him jacks full and Kohlberg mucks his hand. Le hesitates for a moment before mucking his hand as well, accidentally exposing the Spade 5 in the process.

Ankush Mandavia – 33,000
Nam Le – 29,00
Curt Kohleberg – 24,000

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