Another Record Breaking Big Stax XV Event

Feb 27, 2016

After the opening 300 and 500 events of this WTPDS Big Stax XV series had their biggest fields broken and broken with ease, it looks like we’ve broken another record in this WPTDS Big Stax XV 1500 Main Event. The biggest 1500 field in Parx history, prior to this WPTDS event, was the first ever championship, that got 517 entrants back in February of 2013.

Since then, 1100 and 1500 Championship events have topped out near the 400 player mark but today, this field has soared over the 500 player mark with ease. The next question, Just how big will this event get?

Members of the tournament staff have a prediction of 680 players and while we don’t want to hold them to that number, we wouldn’t be surprised if we push the 700 player mark over the rest of this Day 1B session. It should be noted that late registration and unlimited re-entry will be available throughout the rest of this starting flight and remain open until the start of tomorrow’s Day 2 session.

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