Anthony Spinella Makes a Good Call on Binh Nguyen

Mar 1, 2016

With about 100,000 in the pot on the turn, Anthony Spinella is heads-up against Binh Nguyen on a board of Spade 7Diamond 4Spade 4Diamond 9. Nguyen checks and Spinella bets 37,000. Nguyen check-raises to 92,000 and Spinella thinks for a minute before calling.

The river is the Diamond 2 and Nguyen bets 107,000. Spinella goes into the tank for several minutes before finally pushing forward a call. Neither player quickly tables their hand and after a few moments, Nguyen shows Club JClub 10, good for jack-high after a missed straight draw.

Spinella shows Diamond ASpade K, giving him ace-high and drags the pot.

Anthony Spinella – 1,300,000 (81 bb)
Binh Nguyen – 1,000,000 (62 bb)

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