Anthony Spinella vs. Ty Reiman

Mar 2, 2016

Anthony Spinella

Ty Reiman raises from the cutoff to 52,000, Anthony Spinella (pictured) calls from the button, and John Hennigan calls from the big blind. The flop comes Diamond 10Spade 6Spade 4, and it checks to Spinella, who bets 77,000. Hennigan calls, and Reiman check-raises to 245,000. Spinella calls, and Hennigan folds.

The turn card is the Heart J, and both players check. The river card is the Heart 10, Reiman checks, Spinella bets 285,000, and Reiman calls with Spade KHeart K. But Spinella turns over Diamond ASpade 10 to win the pot with trip tens.

Anthony Spinella  –  2,700,000  (113 bb)
Ty Reiman  –  425,000  (18 bb)

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