Anthony Tao vs. Jimmy Lee

Aug 27, 2014

Anthony Tao raises under the gun to 25,000, Kristina Holst calls from the cutoff, and Jimmy Lee calls from the button.

The flop comes [QdQh6s], and action checks to Lee, who bets 32,000. Tao calls, and Holst folds.

The turn card is the [10d], Tao checks, Lee bets 81,000, and Tao thinks for a while before he calls.

The river card is the [Kh], and both players check. Tao announces "Pocket aces," and then he shows [AcAs]. Lee mucks, and Tao wins the pot.

Anthony Tao  –  965,000  (96 bb)
Jimmy Lee  –  547,000  (54 bb)

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