Anthony Tao vs. Joe Szegedy

Aug 27, 2014

The player on the buttpn raises to 20,000, Anthony Tao calls from the small blind, and Joe Szegedy calls from the big blind.

The flop comes [8c5h4s] and Tao checks. Szegedy bets 30,000, the player on the button folds, and Tao calls.

The turn brings the [9d] and both players check. The river is the [6d] and Tao checks again. Szegedy bets 55,000 and Tao calls.

Szegedy turns over [AdKs] for ace-high and Tao takes the pot with his [4c4h] for a set of fours.

Anthony Tao – 690,000 (69 bb)
Joe Szegedy – 455,000 (46 bb)

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