Anthony Zinno vs. Bob Bounahra

Nov 4, 2014

 A player in early position raises to 500, Bob Bounahra calls from the cutoff and Anthony Zinno three-bets to 2,000 on the button, Only Bounahra calls to see the [10c5h2s] flop.

Bounahra check-calls 2,200 from Zinno to see the [2c] turn, which both players check. The [9h] river comepletes the board and Bounahra bets 3,500. Zinno tanks for a bit before he calls.

Bounahra tables [AhJs], but is bested by Zinno’s [AcKh].

Anthony Zinno – 49,000 (245 bb)
Bob Bounahra – 19,500 (97 bb)

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