Anthony Zinno's Overpair Can't Outrun a Flush Draw

Sep 17, 2014

Ryan Riess min-raises under the gun to 16,000, the small blind calls, and defending WPT Borgata Poker Open champion Anthony Zinno reraises from the big blind to 48,000. Riess folds, and the small blind calls.

The flop comes 9-4-2 with two hearts, the small blind checks, Zinno bets 55,000, and the small blind check-raises all in for about 220,000.

Zinno snap-calls with [JhJs] for an overpair, and the small blind turns over [AhQh] for an ace-high flush draw.

The turn is the [Ac], the river is the [6h], and the small blind wins the pot with a heart flush to double up in chips.

Anthony Zinno  –  140,000  (11 bb)

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