Antonio Buonanno Flops Quads and Gets Paid

Sep 9, 2014

Antonio Buonanno Ori Miller opens to 50,000, from early position, Antonio Buonanno three-bets to 130,000, from middle position, Miller four-bets to 225,000, and Buonanno makes the call.

Flop: [Ah] [Ad] [Ac]

Miller makes a 105,000 c-bet, and Buonanno calls.

Turn: [8d]

Miller moves all-in and Buonanno calls very languidly.

Miller turns over [Ks] [Kh], but is drawing dead when Buonanno shows [As] [Jh] for quads.

The irrelevant [7h] on the river changes nothing.

“Nice call pre flop.” Says Miller.

Buonanno ~ 1,421,000
Miller ~ 1,170,000

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