Antonius Finds Value Somehow

Jun 20, 2021

value village

Patrik Antonius opens Diamond ASpade 7 to 2,500 on blinds of 500/1,000 and Doug Polk defends with Heart QDiamond 6. Both players check the Heart 9Diamond 5Heart 3 flop, bringing the Club 7 on the turn, where Polk leads for 3,333.

Antonius calls with his turned seven and the Club 9 completes the board. Polk checks to Antonius, he bets 3,500 and Polk throws in a call with queen-high after a moment of thought. Antonius scoops in the chips with his turned seven which wasn’t needed as his ace-high was enough.

Patrik Antonius – 111,400

Doug Polk – 88,600

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