Applegate Ousted But Happy

Nov 16, 2014

One player who more reason than most to enjoy his score tonight is Craig Applegate. Craig won his seat in a $50 DTD Online satellite which he entered on Tuesday, upon the recommendation of his local casino in Great Yarmouth.   

Traveling to DTD for the first time, Applegate loved his experience and told us that his £4,250 win and £3,000 Main Event seat means a huge amount to him.  

Qualifying through the record-breaking Day 1F, Craig was down to 60,000 chips on the bubble, but survived it and came back today with 61 players left and 1.2 million. He was up at 6.4m on his tournament high, but eventually had to get it in pre-flop with [KdQs] against pocket nines and the flop came [Kc-9h-4s] An eight on the turn added four outs for the straight, but it never came to see Craig bust in 18th.  A great journey. 

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