Ara Melkisetian Eliminated by Andrii Nadieliaiev

Sep 7, 2014

Andrii Nadieliaiev opens to 5,000 in mid position, Ara Melkisetian moves all-in for 51,000 from the button and then the action stops in the small blind.

The small blind takes a moment before calling.

“He called? I’m all-in,” says Nadieliaiev

The small blind mucks his hand, and mouths to Melkisetian that he folded pocket Jacks.

It turned out to be a good fold.


Nadieliaiev: [As] [Ah]
Melkisetian: [Ad] [Kh]

Board: [Qh] [3h] [2h] [6s] [5d]

The flop rained hearts, but the ace of hearts in the hand of Nadieliaiev blocked even that route. No hope for Melkisetian after the turn and he was out.

Nadieliaiev ~ 310,000

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