Arian Stolt Doubles Thru Tony Tran on a Failed Bluff

Jul 16, 2022

Arian Stolt
Photo:  Arian Stolt

Arian Stolt raises under the gun, Tony Tran reraises from the button to 300,000, and Stolt calls.

Both players check to the turn on a board of Club JHeart 3Diamond 2Spade 4, Stolt checks, Tran bets 400,000, and Stolt calls.

The river card is the Heart Q, Stolt checks, Tran moves all in, and Stolt calls all in for 955,000. Tran shows Club 9Club 8 for a nine-high bluff, and Stolt turns over Heart ASpade J to win the pot with a pair of jacks.

Arian Stolt  –  3,460,000  (58 bb)
Tony Tran  –  5,350,000  (89 bb)

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