Harry Arutyunyan Gets Another River Fold

Aug 31, 2019

Harry Arutyunyan raises to 700 from under the gun, Scott Eskenazi calls from the hijack, the player in the cutoff calls, Jordan Meltzer calls from the small blind and Brian Altman calls from the big blind.

They check to the turn of a Spade 9Heart 5Club 3Heart 8 board where Meltzer bets 2,800. Altman folds, Arutyunyan raises to 6,000, Eskenazi folds and the cutoff folds. Meltzer calls.

The river is the Club Q, Meltzer checks, Arutyunyan bets 11,700 and Meltzer folds.

Harry Arutyunyan – 78,000
Jordan Meltzer – 30,000

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