Asher Conniff Flops the Nuts on David Laufer

Nov 26, 2023

Asher Conniff
Photo:  WPT Champions Club Member Asher Conniff

Asher Conniff and David Laufer are involved in a blind versus blind pot with around 150,000 in the middle on a completed board of Heart 7Heart 2Heart 9Club 4Diamond Q.

Conniff then bets 105,000 from the big blind and Laufer tanks for a minute before calling. Conniff then shows Heart AHeart 5 for the flopped nut flush and Laufer slams his cards into the muck so hard that they fly off the table.

Laufer apologizes to his tablemates while the big pot is pushed to Conniff.

Asher Conniff – 370,000 (62 bb)
David Laufer – 200,000 (33 bb)

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