Above – players checking to see where they are in the chip-counts on Day 1C of the WPT500 in Nottingham.

Johnathan Helm managed to dodge a nasty beat just now, as players enter the last level of today’s Day 1C of the WPT500 Nottingham. 

Raising to 5,500, he got one caller in Philip Steer, who finished 2nd in the recent GP125 here at DTD just a short while ago. On a flop of [5h9cKc], he made  a quick fold to a 5,000 bet, but was shown [JdJs] by Steer. 

Elsewhere, Lisa Bright got short and shoved her last three big blinds with [6s3s], called by [AhKd]. It could be worse in that position, and a king and six hit the flop to give her a sweat. but no help on the turn or river means Lisa is out. She may yet return later in the week, and plans to grind some up through cash to do so. The cash tables here at DTD are like the restaurant – superb.  There is a dealer’s game, severla NLH and PLO tables all rocking. A briliant poker festival isn’t thrown together with just a guarantee. 

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