Aves vs. Kings Sees Khaly Dang Double Through Marcello Delgrasso

May 3, 2016

Khaly Dang opens for 27,000 under the gun and Ronald Laplante calls. Marcello Delgrasso then three-bet to 89,000 from the hijack, Dang four-bet to 200,000, and Laplante folds. Delgrasso five-bets all in and Dang snap-calls off for 449,000 total.

Dang: Heart AClub A
Delgrasso: Spade KDiamond K

Dang is well out in front, but the Spade 2Spade ASpade J flops makes things interesting by giving her top set and Delgrasso the nut flush draw. The Diamond 10 turn isn’t what Delgrasso is looking for, and neither is the Club 10 river, which improves Dang to a full house to double.

Khaly Dang – 950,000 (79 bbs)
Marcello Delgrasso – 230,000 (19 bbs)

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