Bart Hanson vs. Jeremy Kottler

Aug 23, 2014

With the flop reading [9c6c2d], Bart Hanson checks from the small blind. Jeremy Kottler checks from the big blind, David Tuchman checks from middle position and the player on the button checks as well.

The [5h] hits the turn and Hanson bets an inaudible amount with one T5,000 blue chip. Kottler raises to 2,400, resulting in folds from both Tuchman and the player on the button. Hanson calls after a few moments, the [7s] river completes the board and Hanson checks to Kottler who bets 4,000.

After about two minutes in the tank Hanson calls, but mucks when Kottler tables [Jh8h] for a nine-high straight.

Jeremy Kottler – 57,400 
Bart Hanson – 4,000

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