Bartlomiej Paradowski Eliminated in 2nd Place (€ 83,160)

Jan 13, 2020

Daniel Szymanski

In the last hand of the level, Bartlomiej Paradowski has come unstuck. The pair get it in preflop and when the cards are turned over, it is a flip.

Daniel Szymanski: Heart 2Spade 2
Bartlomiej Paradowski: Club ADiamond J

The tension is palpable as the dealer lays Heart 8Club 4Heart 9 on the flop. Paradowski doesn’t connect with the Spade 10 turn and the Club 8 river pairs the board.

Paradowski smiles as he gets up to shake Szymanski’s hand. Congratulations go to the runner up on a great run and a fantastic result.

That makes Daniel Szymanski the latest WPTDS Champion! Stay tuned for a full recap of the tournament, which will follow shortly.

Daniel Szymanski – 19,230,000
Bartlomiej Paradowski – eliminated

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