Bartlomiej Paradowski Takes From Luc Glodt

Jan 13, 2020

Luc Glodt limp-calls Bartlomiej Paradowski 160,000 bet blind v blind.

They see a Spade 10Heart JSpade 4 flop and Paradowski continues for 200,000, which Glodt check-calls.

The Club Q turn goes check-check and the river comes the Spade 3. Glodt checks again and Paradowski puts 700,000, which is about 90% pot. Glodt takes his time before making the call.

Bartlomiej Paradowski shows Heart QSpade 9 for a flopped straight draw that improved to top pair on the turn. Glodt mucks.

Glodt is not happy and moves away from the table for a few moments, before returning to his seat. Paradowski has over a quarter of the chips in play.

Bartlomiej Paradowski – 5,555,000
Luc Glodt – 1,250,000

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