Battle of the Champions

Aug 23, 2014

There are several members of the WPT Champions Club in the field, but one table in particular has its fair share of winners, including several who found their poker success in Southern California.

The table includes two-time title winner Freddy Deeb, Season V LA Poker Classic champ Eric Hershler, and two guys who have won right here in the Bike before, Season X champ Will Failla, who is sporting his Monster Headphones gear, and Season XI winner Josh Hale.

The two legends from Legends clash in a pot where the board reads [10d7c4d]. Both players check the flop, and Failla checks out of the big blind when the turn brings the [3c].  Hale bets 1,050 from the cutoff.

"Oh," Failla balks.  "The three was the magic card?" He then calls.

"Pair the board," Failla tells the dealer.  He doesn’t get his wish though, as the river brings the [6h].  Failla checks, Hale bets 1,025, Failla folds, and Hale takes the pot.

Josh Hale –  31,000
Will Failla – 29,500

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