Battler Borg Bows Out

Nov 11, 2014

D8A_2594 Edward Borg (pictured) traveled to Dusk til Dawn this week from Malta, where he and his friend Konrad Abela both played in the Battle of Malta. Sadly for Edward, he’ll have to come back here for another flight if he wants to fight through to Day 2.  He shoved all-in pre-lfop with [AhQs] and was called by Nick Wood’s [AsKd]. Wood has seen some very nice cards at the right time today, and it held up again, as the board ran out [5sKc4d7h6s] to bust Borg. 

Elsewhere, Paul King has stablised at 75,000 and Lisa Bright has double up to 50,000 from less than 25,000. 

Two levels left, these are crucial moments for the remaining 45 players. 

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