Ben Palmer Triples, Zane Houck Has Kings Cracked

Mar 25, 2019

Ben Palmer

From under the gun, Ben Palmer (pictured above) moves all in for 112,000 and Joseph Alban calls next to act. From the button, Zane Houck (pictured below) uses a time extension chip and then moves all in for 266,000.

The blinds fold, and after a moment of pause, Alban calls.

Palmer: Club ASpade J
Alban: Diamond JHeart J
Houck: Club KDiamond K

The board runs out Heart 10Heart 6Spade 6Diamond AClub 9 and Palmer spikes the turn to secure a triple, while Alban wins the side pot.

Ben Palmer – 361,000
Joseph Alban – 426,000
Zane Houck – 308,000

Zane Houck

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