Samuel Biland Short

Jan 13, 2020

Tomasz Brzezinski opens the action in middle position and Samuel Biland and Zahi Ben Gigi call behind on the cutoff and button respectively, before Eldad Bentov makes it four-handed from the big blind.

On the Spade 3Spade 4Club 4 flop, It checks to Biland, who bets 75,000 and only Bentov comes along. The Club 3 turn goes check-check and the Diamond 2 river completes the board.

Bentov leads for 195,000, which is two-thirds of Biland’s remaining chips and after some time in the tank, he lets it go.

With blinds about to go up, Biland is down to 15 big blinds now.

Eldad Bentov – 1,020,000
Samuel Biland – 300,000

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