Bob Mather Doubles Thru Jared Hamby

Aug 26, 2014

Bob Mather raises to 9,000 from middle position, Gene O’Leary calls from the hijack and Jared Hamby three-bets to 30,000 on the button. Mather four-bets all in for 106,500, O’Leary folds and Hamby calls.

Mather: [AsAh]
Hamby: [10d10h]

The flop falls [AcKs10s], giving both players a set. The [Jc] turn and [9c] river fail to help Hamby, giving Mather the double up.

Bob Mather – 232,000 (58 bb)
Jared Hamby – 110,000 (27 bb)

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