BorgataPoker Ambassador Katie Stone Chipping Up

Sep 20, 2020

After TheMikeJones limped from early position, BorgataPoker ambassador Katie Stone (KatieStone) raised to 8,000 from the cutoff. TheMikeJones called.

The flop was Club ASpade KSpade 7 and TheMikeJones check-called 6,600 from Stone.

The turn was the Diamond J and both players checked.

The river was the Club 6, TheMikeJones bet 3,200, Stone raised to 24,000 and TheMikeJones folded.

They tangled the following hand as well and Stone called a river bet from TheMikeJones with trip jacks, besting TheMikeJones’ river bluff.

Shortly after that, Stone eliminated TheMikesJones to cross the 500k mark.

Katie Stone – 513,103
TheMikeJones – Eliminated

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