Brad Owen Scores Wild Double Up Through Travis Egbert

May 24, 2023

Travis EgbertPhoto: Brad Owen vlogs his huge double-up

Travis Egbert raises to 80,000 under the gun and gets called by Chris Lee in the cutoff. Brad Owen then three-bets to 400,000.

Egbert enquires as to the size of Owen’s stack and the WPT Ambassador counts down just less than 1,300,000.

Egbert announces all in and Lee now asks for a count of Egbert’s stack, which is 1,870,000. After a bit of time, Lee folds, but Owen calls to put himself at risk, or to potentially score a massive double-up.

Brad Owen: Heart ADiamond K
Travis Egbert: Club AHeart K

A chop appears likely until the dealer fans a flop of Diamond 6Diamond 4Diamond 3, bringing a flush draw to Owen. The Diamond J then rolls right off, eliciting a fist pump and an exuberant “YES” from Owen. 

The Heart 7 completes the board and the massive pot is pushed to Owen, who now sits second in chips.

Brad Owen – 2,800,000 (70 bb)
Travis Egbert – 610,000 (15 bb)

Travis EgbertPhoto: Travis Egbert sends the majority of his chips to Brad Owen

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