Brent Roberts Active Early

Feb 29, 2016

Brent Roberts
David Zemel raises to 110,000 from early position and Brent Roberts reraises to 250,000. The action folds back to Zemel and he makes the call. They go heads up to the Heart 5Heart 2Heart 8 flop and both players check. The turn brings the Diamond Q, Zemel checks, and Roberts bets 250,000.

Zemel calls and both players check when the Club 6 completes the board. Zemel shows Heart ADiamond J for ace high but Roberts tables Club 9Diamond 9 to earn the pot. Roberts has been one of the most active players here on Day 3 applying pressure to his opponents hand after hand.

Brent Roberts- 4,200,000
David Zemel- 875,000

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