Brent Roberts Doubles Through John Lee

Feb 29, 2016

WPTDS Big Stax
Brent Roberts raises to 300,000 and John Lee calls from the button. David Datashvili calls from the small blind and they go three handed to the Spade 3Spade 6Diamond 6 flop. Datashvili and Roberts check to Lee who slides out a bet of 400,000. Datashvili folds and Roberts check raises to 1,100,000.

With the action back on Lee he moves all in for 8,275,000. Datashvili folds and Roberts quickly calls for his last 3,375,000 and the hands are shown.

Lee: Diamond 5Heart 5
Roberts: Club 8Heart 8

The turn brings the Heart Q and the river is the Spade K earning Roberts the pot and the double up.

Brent Roberts- 8,900,000
John Lee- 4,900,000

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