Brian Altman Doubles Through Harry Arutyunyan

Aug 31, 2019

Following a limp for 500, and then a raise to 1,800 from Jordan Meltzer in the cutoff, WPT Champions Club member Brian Altman three-bets the button to 6,300.

From the small blind, WPT Champions Club member Harry Arutyunyan four-bets to 14,300. The limper and Meltzer fold, and Altman responds by moving all in for 38,500. Arutyunyan calls.

Arutyunyan: Club QSpade Q
Altman: Heart KSpade K

The board runs out Club KHeart 10Diamond 3Club 8Spade 6 and Altman secures the double with top set.

Brian Altman – 80,100
Harry Arutyunyan – 86,000
Jordan Meltzer – 85,000

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