Brian Altman Out in 111th Place ($6,750)

Sep 17, 2014

Three players see a flop of [10h9d6h]. Yervand Boyadjian checks from the small blind, Byron Kaverman bets 24,000 from middle position, and Brian Altman calls behind him. Boyadijian calls as well.

The turn brings the [6s] and Boyadijian bets out 77,000. Kaverman takes a minute before folding, while Altman takes a minute before moving all-in for an additional 78,000. Boyadijian decides to call with [Ad6d] for trip sixes, while Altman holds [AhQh] for the flush draw.

The river is the [4c] and the trip sixes hold to send Altman to the rail shortly before the level ends.

Yervand Boyadijian – 690,000 (115 bb)
Brian Altman – Eliminated in 111th place ($6,750)

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