Brian Lemke Eliminated in 14th Place ($11,106)

Feb 29, 2016

Brian Lemke
The action folds around to Brian Lemke on the button and he raises to 120,000. Andy Santiago defends from the big blind and they see a flop of Heart QHeart 3Diamond 6. Santiago checks and Lemke slides out a bet of 160,000. Santiago checks raises to 320,000 and Lemke moves all in for 950,000.

This sends Santiago deep into the tank and eventually he slides out the call and the hands are shown.

Santiago: Spade JClub 6
Lemke: Heart AHeart 4

Lemke is holding the nut the flush draw and an over card to the pair of sixes of Santiago. “Please hold” Santiago says to the dealer. The turn brings the Club K and Lemke will need a river ace or heart to survive. The Spade K completes the board and Santiago lets out a fist pump as he earns the pot. Lemke is our 14th place finisher collecting $11,106 for his efforts.

Andy Santiago- 10,100,000

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