Brian Nordin Eliminated in Eighth Place ($6,760)

Sep 9, 2019

Brian Nordin

There is over 200,000 in the pot, and the flop reads Diamond JHeart 9Spade 8 when Brian Nordin (pictured) reraises all in for his few hundred thousand after Stefano Moreale raises to 65,000. Moreale calls so the two players table their cards.

Moreale: Club QClub 10
Nordin: Spade JSpade 10

Turn and River: Club 2Heart 3

Nordin is eliminated in seventh place, good for $6,760, and Moreale stacks up 1,715,000 after collecting the pot thanks to a flopped straight.

Stefano Moreale – 1,715,000 (57 bb)
Brian Nordin – Eliminated in Eighth Place ($6,760)

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