Bruce Kramer Out in 10th Place ($5,790)

Nov 6, 2014

Bruce Kramer
Dan Murariu raises to 13,000 from under the gun and Bruce Kramer three-bets all in for 36,000 from the cutoff. Darren Elias calls from the big blind, Murariu four-bets all in for about 360,000 and Elias folds.

Murariu:  [AsKc]
Kramer:  [5s5d]

The board runs out [AdKh4s6s7c], giving Murariu two pair to eliminate Kramer in 10th place.

Dan Murariu  –  425,000  (70 bb)
Bruce Kramer  –  Out in 10th Place  ($5,790)

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